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See how PCB supplier survives in the competition

Article source:Ribom Dated :04-21/2015

As the consumer’s demand becomes various, PCB supplier has to innovate to upgrade the technology capability to catch up with requires coming out from different applications and this bring up the new challenges.

The Rev.4.0 Industry is listed in the “High Technique Strategy 2020” as the ten new projects of the future, initiated by of Germany government. It aims to support the new generation of revolutionary innovation in the industry.

The trendy guide makes electronic products become smaller and thinner. The technology used for security, medical and industry automation control is more and more complicated, all this brings challenges to PCB manufacturer in terms of quality, cost and delivery lead time. It requires high standard level of equipment capability, employee’s qualification as well as management. The main parameter and capability should be promoted, the operation of worker is more and more convenient, and especially the human-computer interface and security should be comprehensive.
Regarding to the more and more competition in PCB market, Sun&lynn invests 100 million on the automatic producing equipment and updates the old ones. In the same time, recruits the talents in PCB line and reschedules the producing capability. To make a response to the automaticity and intelligent management system, Sun&lynn invites the professional ERP engineer to prepares the convenient, simple operation new ERP system. What Sun&lynn did is the prepare for the Industry 4.0


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