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China PCB manufacturer To Reveal the Grain Screen In China Pavilion of Milan Expo 2015

Article source:Ribom Dated :04-21/2015

Only less than three months left to Expo 2015 Milan, the high-profile Chinese pavilion LED grain screen project is under construction as well. Now the large scale grain LED screen is aging and is expected to be out of warehouse soon. China PCB manufacturer brings you to take a look at grain LED screen in China pavilion.

The straws in this grain screen project are in series by print circuit board, LED lamp, light cup and the grain screen pixels is formed by each bunch of luminous LED grain. With the customized system control, the grain LED screen can present the actual scene of agricultural harvest.

“In the field of hope, the source of life”, the theme of Milan Expo China pavilion and it takes 4590 square meter area as the second largest foreign pavilion in Milan Expo 2015. With the pure and fresh design, the building of China pavilion is most like the “moved grain” on the field. Also the China pavilion mascot “Hehe” & “Mengmeng” are lovely and friendly.


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