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Trendy guide of new Technology from Aluminum based PCB manufacturer: The birth of the new

Article source:Ribom Dated :04-21/2015

Our night is lightening up by all kinds of lamps, from the supermarket to entertainment venues, the light decorates the dark night, making it beautiful and bright. While enjoying the convenience of lighting, more and more people complaint the energy waste and lighting pollution caused by the unnecessary lighting. Now we may have a good news brought up by China aluminum based PCB manufacturer, the new energy saving LED streetlight has been on the market.
Recently, a R&D team from Taiwanese and Mexican engineers invented a new LED street lamp, helping to reduce the pollution of light. Some technical researches indicate that 20% energy of current LED street lamp is overused and generates lighting pollution. The newly invented LED street lamp can reduce the lighting pollution to 2%. The core part of the new LED is aluminum based PCB for the outstanding thermal conductivity and relief comparing with other materials. The aluminum based PCB also enables a 10-year-long life of LED street lamp

The New Jersey Astronomy Association of America reports that about 30% light of outdoor lighting is wasted and this kind of light leakage brings negative impact to the nature, the birds are confused and misled by the bright night, the tortoises lost their way to the sea as they are guided by the nature light in the night, and the sleep rule of other animals are impacted also. But the new LED street lamp will reduce the affection to natural and can be used in all kinds of environment. The new LED street lamp not only reduces the pollution but also saves the energy. We now can enjoy the delight of new technology.


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